The revolution in
travel customer service!

It is an innovative solution that represents your company's interest in the destinations you offer, giving you a much needed presence to get your company's voice heard and by taking immediate action to satisfy your clients' travel needs. OnSpot guarantees to strengthen the bond of trust existing between your travel agency and your receptive operators. By offsetting the time-difference between continents, OnSpot also overcomes all legal issues and other related difficulties.

OnSpot solves problems so you don't have to. As your staff concentrates more on selling trips rather than dealing with everyday problems, OnSpot will respond to all client concerns and will therefore increase your agency's productivity level.

Our goal is to insure the best quality of service from the day of arrival, to the day of departure, thanks to a professional english-speaking team, entirely devoted to exceeding your customers' expectations.
We understand that it can take a foreign travel agency or tour operator hours to find an effective solution for their clients from abroad. Meanwhile, the cost of long distance phone calls and man-hours invested put a drain on company resources while the resulting stress risks ultimately costing the company their most precious asset: their clients.

For more than 6 years, OnSpot has been pushing the boundaries of customer satisfaction during travels and the great value offered by our service won't leave any questions unanswered, except the one your clients may ask you after returning: "How could you do without it?"

Setting up your OnSpot service is fast and easy
Save time
Focus on your sales while we deal with time-consuming issues.
Business intelligence
Our online system helps you monitor your suppliers' performances and make strategic decisions based on reliable data.

What makes us different?

Personalized service. No one in the industry matches the level of customer service we provide. Our roots are in the tourism industry and our services are geared to travel agencies and tour operators. Our team is composed of passionate travelers talking to other travelers.
Our strong client community helped develop the traditions and standard of service that shaped the company we are today. One year after the other, we refine our service with your clients' interests in mind. OnSpot gives you the opportunity to offer your clients nothing but the best in individualized attention and personalized service during their travels.
Customer satisfaction is what we strive for. At the core of OnSpot is the desire to foster an industry where travelers, so important to local economies, would no longer feel taken advantage of, while visiting.

OnSpot benefits:

  • Improves brand recognition: your agency represented in three English-speaking countries.
  • Personalized / branded cards and welcome messages on your behalf.
  • Offsets the time difference between your country and the destinations you offer.
  • Increases customer loyalty & retention.
  • Saves your team precious time and greater productivity.
  • Generates new revenues with a cool and original service.
Testimonials - Experts in customer loyalty
" As a result of OnSpot being in constant contact with our clients locally, we become more productive and efficient by focusing on what we do best: advising and selling. "
Jérome Thomann USA dpt Manager at Jetset. Customer since 2007.
"Ever since we entrusted OnSpot with our on-site customer service, we noticed dramatic customer retention rate increases."
Audrey Chevret North American zone Product Manager at Planetveo. Customer since 2012.
"Thanks to OnSpot ,we now have a professional representation in our best-selling destination, which clearly gives us a competitive edge and better tools to face the tough internet competition."
Olivier Delouis CEO at Teldar Travel. Customer since 2011